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Genie Scissor GS-1530 & GS-1930 Lifts

Nothing beats a Genie Scissor for performance, safety, serviceability and value.

* The solid steel deck platform has a slip-resistant surface.
* Heavy duty tubular steel guardrails maximize durability. Telescopic end rail can be raised to accommodate large loads.
* Lubrication-free, service-free pivot points.
* Built-in lanyard attachment points.
* The ergonomic Joystick Controller operates from the platform or the ground.
* Low noise level allows operation in quiet work environments.
* High angle steering provides excellent maneuverability.
* Swing-out battery box and power module allow easy access to componentry. Variable speed motor extends battery and motor life by using only the energy needed to do the required work. On-board troubleshooting diagnostics notify the operators of possible fault conditions.

Standard Features

* GS-1530 has 21 ft (6.5 m) working height and GS-1930 has 25 ft (7.8 m) working height
* 39 in (1 m) roll-out platform extension
* Compact 30 in (76 cm) width
* 600 lb (272 kg) lift capacity for the GS-1530 and 500 lb (227 kg) lift capacity for the GS-1930
* Compact design
* Automatic 25 amp battery charger
* Proportional controls for lift and drive functions
* Multiple disc brakes provide smooth deceleration
* Drive speed interlock limits speed while elevated
* Emergency stop at both platform and ground controls
* Manual platform lowering valve
* Manual brake release
* Pothole guards
* Non-marking tires
* AC wiring to platform
* Tilt level sensor with an audible alarm
* Beeper horn
* Hour meter

Options and Accessories

* Motion alarm
* Air line to platform
* Platform swing gate
* Dual flashing beacon
* Maintenance-free battery

Standards Compliance

* ANSI/SIA A92.6
* CSA CAN3-B354.2-M82
* CE compliance option
* AS 1418.10


Product Specifications